Chasing Amy - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to get a copy of the 'Chasing Amy' script? (Or Clerks/Mallrats as well)
Yes. Miramax/Hyperion Books has just released a book containing both the 'Amy' and 'Clerks' scripts. These should be available at your local bookstore. You can also order them here off of this site. It does cost slightly more off this site, BUT it also comes autographed by director Kevin Smith himself. The Mallrats screenplay is also available off this site, as are 'Chasing Amy' posters.
2. When will Chasing Amy be on video and LD?
Amy is now available for purchase for under $20.00 (US). The UK release date is September 7th, 1998. The Criterion LD which contains many extras and an audio commentary is also available. See here for the LD features.
3. Will there be a 'Chasing Amy' soundtrack?
Please see why there will be NO soundtrack.
4. Whatever happened to 'Dogma', the movie mentioned after 'Clerks'?
Dogma has completed production and is now in the editing stages. Expect to see it in theaters in the fall of 1999.

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