All of these sounds have been digitized

directly from the film and are saved as

11Khz WAV files. Some of these sounds are

from the Director's Edition Laserdisc.

gumrep.wav (1.7 Megs, 2:24 minutes)

This is the entire Chewlie's Gum Rep Speech, much of which was cut.

gumrep.ram (Real Audio, 2:24 minutes)

This is the entire Chewlie's Gum Rep Speech in Real Audio format.

berz3.wav (119K, 11 secs)

More of Olaf's Berserker.

boblie.wav (70K, 6 secs)

Jay: Silent Bob never told a lie in his life.

lenin.wav (28K, 2.6 secs)

Randal telling a customer the cat's name.

boss.wav (180K, 16 secs)

Extended dialogue of Dante calling his boss.

glades.wav (260K, 24.2 secs)

Extended dialogue between Rick Derris, Heather Jones, and Dante.

hockeygame.wav (48K, 4.3 secs)

Dante whining about his hockey game.

hug.wav (686K, 1:03 minutes)

Veronica grilling Dante about what he was doing at 2:30am.

sale.wav (229K, 21.3 secs)

Willam trying to buy from Jay.

smokey3.wav (166K, 15.4 secs)

Randal trying to rent off Smokey and the Bandit III.

seals2.wav (431K, 40 secs)

Extended dialogue between Randal and Veronica plus 2nd Navy SEALS gag.

weakness.wav (433K, 40 secs)

Jay telling Dante that he's more of a crook.

thinmus.wav (433K, 40 secs)

Rick Derris telling Dante that his muscles are thin, sadly underutilised.

The Lost Footage