Olaf's Berserker
Part I

(772K, 11 secs)
Olaf's Berzerker
Part II

(854K, 12 secs)
Let those hard to reach chips go
(2.2Megs, 33 secs)

Watchu talkin' about, I ain't dealing
(609K, 8 secs)
Jay and Silent Bob
(1.6Megs, 24 secs)

I don't appreciate your ruse
(3.8Megs, 55 secs)

Ooooh! Navy SEALS!
(421K, 5 secs)

Try not to suck any dick on the way to the parking lot!
(613K, 8 secs)
Jay and Silent Bob dance
(1.1Megs, 15 secs)

Caitlin and Randal
(638K, 9 secs)
Silent Bob Speaks
(679K, 9 secs)
Randal wrangles in
(1Meg, 16 secs)

Jay's Chant
(954K, 13 secs)
Randal at Big Choice
(1.3Megs, 20 secs)
Randal wrangles out
(1.2Megs, 18 secs)

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