Jay and Silent Bob are outside the video store. Jay is dancing. Cut to a shot from behind the counter at RST Video where Randal is talking to a customer.

Randal: I'm telling ya, if you're really feeling dangerous tonight, then 'Smokey and the Bandit III' is the movie you must rent.

Customer: I dunno, my man Burt's not in it.

Randal: Hey, he wasn't in E.T. neither but that is a great movie.

(Dante comes in from outside and leans his head in)

Dante: Hey can you go next door? I gotta make a phone call.

Randal: (to Dante), Hey, 'Smokey and the Bandit III', thumbs up, am I right?

Dante: Best Burt-less movie ever made.

Randal gives a 'I told you so' pose.