Jay has just asked Dante if he wants to go to a party with him. Dante refuses because he's a drug dealer.

Jay (sarcastically): Oh, I don't hang out with drug dealers.

Dante: Nothing personal.

Jay: I work just like you dude. Man, you're more of a crook than I am.

Dante: How do you figure?

(Dante looks up from what he's doing and sees Jay rolling a joint)

Dante: Hey, I can't believe... you can't roll a joint in here!

Jay: Relax Bro. What I mean is, you sell that shit around here for the highest price around. A dollar seventy nine for this.. what is this shit?

Dante: It's not my store

Jay: These ain't my drugs, I just sell 'em.

Dante: The difference is, you exploit a weakness.

Jay: What's that mean?

Dante: You take advantage of people who can't stay away from an addiction.

Jay: Allright, how much is a Pepsi here?

Dante: $1.69 plus tax

Jay: At Food City it's 99 cents plus tax.

Dante: So?

Jay: So, people come here going $1.89 for a Pepsi, it's 99 cents over at Food City but I don't feel like driving there so I'll buy it here. That's exploiting a weakness too isn't it?

Cut back to the scene where Jay asks Dante what happened to the old guy.