I had no idea Kevin Smith would remember me, let alone anything I had to say ["Strip Teased," May]. Most guys that come to strip bars are looking to take the girl home. They'll say anything to get into your pants. There was something different about Kevin, though, and that's why I kissed him, which was the only time I'd kissed anybody I danced for. I hope you believe me, Kevin - I'm not one of those typical strippers. I am a real person, with a real conscience and real feelings. I gave you the right number when we met, and I'll give it to you again. Please don't be bitter, Kevin.

Sarnia, ON, Canada

As a stripper, I feel compelled to present the flip side to Kevin Smith's story. Stripping is many things: an art form, a workout, a way for a woman to erotically express herself, a feminist moral dilemma. But first and foremost, we get paid to turn you on. Most strippers use stage names to divorce what happens in the clubs from their real lives. At the same time, we are real women, and if we're attracted to a customer and feel comfortable with him, we might go out with him.
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Kevin Smith's piece reminded me of how I felt when I first went to a strip club. I was expecting to be sickened or terrified, but I was mesmerized. It took a couple hundred bucks to know the score. Ooops.
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Kevin, we gotta go out for drinks, man.
Jonathan Park
New York, NY

Kevin's article in the Details SEX issue

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