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Enter The Mall

Kevin: I think Mallrats is very funny. I'm on your side. It's a movie that's very dear to my heart, but it went right in the shitter. When you do a movie like Clerks, then a movie like Mallrats that goes right in the shitcan, everyone says, "Ha ha, wiseass." So rather than subject yourself to that, you steal their thunder by saying it first.

There's this infamous moment where I was on stage giving an award away with Laura Dern, and I opened up by saying, "I want to take this time to apologize for Mallrats. I don't know what I was thinking." It was said in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion; it was a joke. But some people thought it was serious. Roger Ebert, in his review of Chasing Amy, said, "He started out with a great movie called Clerks, then followed up with a movie that was so bad that he apologized for it."

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