The film logically takes place in Red Bank, NJ - but was filmed in Eden Prairie, MN.

The original beginning of the movie tested poorly and was replaced by one that was filmed in L.A. The original beginning contained an incident at the Governor's Ball (the one mentioned by the TV execs).

Another cut scene revealed LaFours and Tricia having a roll in the hay, which explains why he was seen kissing her during the book signing at the end of the movie. Ever wonder why LaFours wasn't around while Jay and Silent Bob were rigging the stage?

The Henry Hudson t-shirt Brodie is seen wearing during the Segaboy scene is from none other than Kevin Smith's old high school, Henry Hudson High in New Jersey.

Priscilla Barnes, who played Ivannah the psychic is none other than the woman who played Terri Alden from Three's Company.

The Wile E. Coyote blueprints used by Jay and Silent Bob were drawn by producer Scott Mosier.

Walt Flanagan's dog is named Brodie. True fact.


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