Now on Sale: Mallrats sound clips

MI1.wav(204K, 19 sec)
Mission Impossible: Part 1. AKA - Operation: Drive By.
MI2.wav(204K, 19 sec)
Mission Impossible: Part 2. AKA - Operation: Dark Knight.
batman.wav(23K, 2.2 sec)
Jay:: Where do you get those wonderful toys?
blunt.wav(91K, 8.5 sec)
Jay's Fatty Boom-Batty blunt speech.
blunt1.wav(204K, 19 sec)
Jay: All it took was a phat chroniq blunt!
boogie.wav(366K,34 sec)
Post-coital Techno Boogie.
brenda.wav(34K, 3.2 sec)
Willam: Brenda?

René: DICK!

cherche.wav(13K, 1.3 sec)
Brodie: Cherche La femme.
comix.wav(65K, 6.1 sec)
Brodie: You think just because a guy reads comics he can't start some sh*t?!
commerce.wav(69K, 3.2 sec)
Brodie: I LOVE the smell of commerce in the morning!
fart.wav(247K, 22.9 sec)
Brodie talking about farting in front of René.
foodcourt.wav(235K, 21.9 sec)
T.S. and Brodie on the designated boundaries of the food court.
force.wav(17K, 1.6 sec)
Brodie: The Force is strong with this one.
free.wav(107K, 10 sec)
Freeing one's mind.
gill.wav(78K, 7.3 sec)
Brodie berating Gill.
grain.wav(323K, 30 sec)
Taking things with a grain of salt.
jaws.wav(226K, 21 sec)
Love and sharks.
jedi.wav(92K, 4.3 sec)
Silent Bob: Adventure... Excitement... A Jedi craves not these things.
lastwords.wav(141K, 13.2 sec)
Last Words.
mrtoad.wav(158K, 14.7 sec)
Brodie: Be fair allright, EVERYONE wants Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
roddie.wav(50K, 2.3 sec)
Roddie: You called down the thunder, well now you've got it!
sega.wav(162K, 15.1 sec)
Brodie: Breakfast? Breakfast shmreakfast.
sega1.wav(66K, 3.1 sec)
Brodie: Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn for Sega.
skitrip.wav(172K, 16 sec)
That ski trip.
smokey.wav(174K, 16.2 sec)
Gwen: Didn't I look just like Burt Reynolds?

Brodie/T.S.: Except for the mustache.

snootchie.wav(46K, 2.2 sec)
Jay: Snootchie Boochie Noochies!
stan.wav(83K, 7.8 sec)
Stan Lee on love.
superman.wav(204K, 19 sec)
Kryptonite Condoms.
uncomf.wav(570K, 53 sec)
A very uncomfortable place.
walter.wav(484K, 45 sec)
Cousin Walter on the plane.
walter1.wav(373K, 34.7 sec)
Cousin Walter's encounter with the cats.
wtf.wav(56K, 2.6 sec)
Brodie: Where the hell did that come from? Whats going on here?
bastard.wav(179K, 17 sec)
Willam: You dumb bastard....
steve-dave.wav(22K, 1.8 sec)
Walt the Fan-Boy: Tell 'em Steve-Dave!
nyahh.wav(22K, 1.8 sec)
Jay's scream (Eeeeeaaahhhh!!)