The View Askewniverse Message Board

The View Askewniverse Message Board. This board has been provided for you to post questions to Writer/Director Kevin Smith. Yes, it's true, Kevin Smith himself visits this board almost daily to answer questions. Kevin will also post updates and informaton on whatever he's working on at the moment, usually far before the press gets wind of it.

Kevin usually answers questions based on the intelligence level and the innovativeness of the post. So let that be an early warning to you. Here are a few others things to take note of:

  1. You must REGISTER to post on this board. This is done mainly to prevent spam and off-topic posts. If you wish to register, please do so here.

  2. Kevin's posts will show up in RED

  3. We have a website called the View Askew WWWBoard Summaries which was set up to prevent repeat posts. Please read these before posting or risk annoying thousands of posters.

  4. Please do not ask for A JOB. Please do not ASK TO BE IN A MOVIE. Do you really think that we would offer you a job or a part in a feature film based on a post on a WWWBoard?

Again, please note that you must REGISTER with a valid e-mail address before you POST a message to the board. You do NOT need to register to READ the board.

And now, onto the View Askewniverse Message Board!