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Posted by Japanfreak at 1cust179.tnt2.salisbury.md.da.uu.net on June 28, 2000 at 15:28:19:

In Reply to: CAP Review of Dogma *you will laugh* posted by genericgirl on June 28, 2000 at 12:00:25:

This is the letter i just wrote to that CAP FAG. What do you think?

To Whom,
You people just amaze me, and you wonder why people do not want to get involed with Christianity. I am about to be 19 years old on Aug. 1st. I have been a Christian for aboout 11 years now. My point, is you are wrong about Mr. Smith's movie Dogma.
First of all you should have watched the whole movie before commenting on it as you did in your review. Yes, you leaving 38 minutes into the film DOES cheapin the movie and Yes, the languge is bad, very bad, but it is the point he is trying to make is why the film was made.
It is people like you who do not only repell people from Christianity but make me question my own feelings. Mr Smith did this too, but in a good way. The bible is not LAW but is like a guide book that God our father has given us.
Next it seems as you wrote the review for kids, even mentioned two kids in the theator. Well, the movie was rated *R* there should not have been kids there in the first place. So your comment on how they look uncomfortable has no revalance. This movie is not geared towards kids but aldult of all stautre and religion. The movie's religon in question is Chaloism but yet Mr. Smith was raised Catholic, very Catholic. Every religion poses question and that why Mr Smith made this movie, those questions. Do not even tell me you have never questioned one thing in the whole Bible, becuase then yourself would be a liar.
I have to many comments to say about your review and about your lack of spiritual fill you must be recieving but I will finish with just a few more.
Fist of all the way you rate your movies you would even find something wrong with the Barney or Blue's Clues the my little nephew watches. Reviews like yours that point out every little hate or sexuality point is what keep war between the races. I mean do I have to explain every detail of this movie to you?
The three hockey playing boys that are going around beating people up are suppose to be demons. The man whose horns come out of his head is a muse, You do know what that is right. I am sure you do, no offense but your probably have your bible shoved so far up your buttocks that you think you could win an argument with God.
You need to rewatch this movie, then watch Chasing Amy, another fo the Kevin Smith films. After that watch the last temptation of Christ and seek physchological help.
My pastor even like this film, except for the languege and some of the sexual dialog, and even recomended we cross refrence it to our lives and the bible. Please sir, I ask of you love and embrace our religon not mourn it. Thank you,

Sean M. Ward

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