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Posted by Tishel Aromatic at on June 28, 2000 at 15:34:18:

In Reply to: *clears throat* posted by RugMuncher on June 28, 2000 at 15:14:52:

Ahem (I've taken to clearing my throat as well):

Perhaps tongue-in-cheek doesn't translate online, but that's what it was. I have the utmost respect for Kevin Smith and don't have the moxie to believe I could influence him in any way. I mean, who the fuck has the audacity to assume that?

I don't collect the comic books, I don't ask about Vulgarthon, I don't purchase anything from the Secret Stash, I don't read a thousand things into his movies or tie all his Jersey characters together into little family trees or believe he speaks for me or quote-unquote "my generation." He's just a fairly humble, talented guy who makes films. Much like a lot of the rest of us. And I know I wouldn't want anyone telling me, "Hey, you know, in your little shit short here, I think it'd be cool if..." Or, "Dude, when you're interviewing so and so, ask him or her this."

I appreciate Mr. Smith's longevity in a time when a lot of other filmmakers who came up when he did have sputtered and died, having basically shot their wad, ending up as fodder for Entertainment Weekly's "Where Are They Now?" five years down the road. And that he's created a profitable franchise from it is also to his credit. The guy doesn't have to make another movie the rest of his life. Dude is set. More power to him. It's nice to see him make the naysaying "sophomore jinx" magazines and newspapers eat it.

I am but a wee Kevin Smith fan and that is all. Kimberly Loughran is just an added bonus. I enjoy her little moments from afar.

From the president of the Zoe McLellan Fan Club

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