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Posted by Lucifer Lyndon Razoodock at on June 28, 2000 at 12:23:01:

Being that most ViewAskew characters express themselves like Hamlet on babble-juice, the more enigmatic characters are all the more facinating...

Silent Bob is the easy one to spot. His entire presence speaks "stock conundrum," but what's Hooper's story?

He invites Holden to Meow-Mix (though this is at Alyssa's beck, is it not?), fully sees that Holden has a crush on a heretofore self-avowed lesbian...and his reaction later on to the relationship which blossoms between Alyssa and Holden is about as clear as, well, Vickie Vale's discovery that Bruce is The Bat.

--Was Hooper privvy to "how truly gay she's not?"

--What's with his "Crying Game"-like hesitation to let on that she's gay before Holden goes bopping off after her?

--Is Hooper still friendly with Hooper, Banky and Alyssa at the film's end? If he is, this makes him a possible go-between three previously tight folks who are now now speaking.

--Is Fraggle Rock a real band?

I'd like to close this one with a cartoon question:

What was Senator Robert Plutarsky a reference to?

One's first guess is that Bob's last name was Plutarsky, but there's no way that I'm taking anything in the cartoon as Askew-gospel. After all, Dante didn't even remember that Caitlin had cheated on him 8 1/2 times.

Also, just how much was cut from each episode? The "Flintstones List" bit was a weird cut-away from a blip of the guys just watching a video. Now, I understand that the edit created a new joke (a series-flashback episode which flashes back to something as uneventful as chilling and watching a vid.), but I also noticed that the Caitlin Bree/painter make-out sequences seemed equally truncated.
Were they meant to be that quick or did you have to shorten/ speed them up to get past the censors?
Good Lord, what all did they make you fellas change (such a harmless show too, fer cryin' out loud!!!)?


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