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Posted by Kid Fanboy at dial-216-84-42-41.vanion.com on June 28, 2000 at 19:32:46:

In Reply to: Add One More Item to that List... posted by Kevin on June 28, 2000 at 18:47:41:

Before I'm accused of having lost my fucking mind, I present the following...

"...I signed a deal and was supposed to start writing and then I got knee deep into DOGMA and it just kept getting put off and put off. And I remember my agent called me while I was on the set of DOGMA and he was just like, 'Well, Universal wants to know if you are ever going to get around to FLETCH.' And I said, 'Well, Iím filming the flick right now and Iíll be editing it for the next 6 months, I wonít get to it for at least a year.' And then he said 'Well, why donít you just pass. Why donít you just let it go. And that way theyíre not waiting on you and youíre not carrying the reputation as the guy who canít meet a deadline.' And I let it go, it went by the wayside..."

PS If it IS in fact SUPERMAN, do us all a big favor and kick the goddamn polar bears to the curb, willya?

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