I remember when...

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Posted by Reek at dial153.b1.tnt9.sea.wa.freei.net on June 28, 2000 at 19:57:30:

In Reply to: Brian Lynch aka Brotha Lynch Hung posted by DJ Andeee on June 28, 2000 at 19:02:25:

..everyone was saying Brotha Lynch was all into satan and ate bats heads and shit, at the time I thought 'HOW RIDICULOUS, NO RAPPER WOULD EVER ACT LIKE OZZY! WHY I NEVER!!'...
But now, with this tidbit, man..I aint so sure. Andee scoops us yet again!


: I saw this on the ohhla.com, It's claimed to be Brian Lynch's first rap solo, I'm not sure if it's true, but they're usually never wrong.

: Artist: Brotha Lynch Hung

: (Talking)
: Yeah, straight from the muthafuckin duece
: It's the Brotha Lynch Hung once again, ya know what I'm sayin
: And all I see is muthafuckin devils and gunsmoke, ya know
: But I ain't gon' trip, I'm just gon kick some shit for y'all muthafuckas
: So peep this out

: Niggas better always know
: For y'all so-called devils and gunsmoke
: Walkin through the duece
: Ya got, better eat, no joke
: Livin life like a muthafuckin criminal
: Watchin my back from gettin jacked by the 5-0
: One-time peepin a nigga out
: A couple a dank sacks in my Dickies
: Ol' English in my mouth
: Ya know, and if it wasn't for my muthafuckin skin tone
: I wouldn't even trip, just strike my black ass home
: Even if I had a chrome
: I bust two caps and head home
: Hopin to hit fools right in the dome
: 'Cause all I see is devils and gunsmoke
: Pussy and hoes, and hella blood when my nine blows
: A young nigga on the rage, rampage
: Twenty-four years of age with a 40 and a 12-gauge
: And then a muthafucka change
: Baby killin ass nigga and ain't a damn thang strange
: A muthafucka sold juice, bulletproof
: Known to eat a pussy and put a gun inside of it and shoot
: A nigga wit' a mind so bad
: Close my eyes, and all I see is little bloody babies in a Glad bag
: Nigga, Manson ain't shit
: I got niggas killin mamas and niggas on the devils dick
: But now it all adds up the this, locc
: Niggas hatin God and all I see is devils and gunsmoke

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