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Posted by Brodie Fan at ppp7171.on.bellglobal.com on June 29, 2000 at 01:15:29:

In Reply to: This guy is pissing me off. (very long post) posted by Japanfreak on June 28, 2000 at 23:32:22:

: This was a letter I sent to Mr. Thomas A. Carder
: (dosent deserve the mister) he's the guy that wrote this review of Dogma.

: www.capalert.com/capreports/dogma.htm

: So this pissed me off and I wrote him a leter listed below on the original post about this that somone made. Anyway, he just wrote me back, and now i want to kill him. Here is his response:

: Sean M Ward wrote:
: >
: > To Whom,
: > You people just amaze me, and you wonder why people do not want to get
: > involed with Christianity.

: No, I don't. Many folks try everything under the sun to find freedom from
: accountability, freedom from authority, and freedom from consequences --
: freedoms which do not exist, and even try to blame a Truth-teller.

: I am about to be 19 years old on Aug. 1st. I
: > have been a Christian for aboout 11 years now.

: Congratulations!

: My point, is you are wrong
: > about Mr. Smith's movie Dogma.

: It does not matter whether *I* am right or wrong. God says what is wrong.
: And there was a lot of wrong in that movie by His "rules" whether you believe
: it or not.

: > First of all you should have watched the whole movie before commenting
: > on it as you did in your review. Yes, you leaving 38 minutes into the
: > film DOES cheapin the movie and Yes, the languge is bad, very bad, but it
: > is the point he is trying to make is why the film was made.

: Oh, I see now. He had actors and actresses perform sinful deeds to present
: sin in sinful display to teach us of sin. Bladerdash! He used sin to make
: money. And any attempts a "redemption" by cheaply abusing Christian
: faithworks were wasted. Besides, the CAP Analysis Model makes no scoring
: allowances for trumped-up "messages" to excuse, or for manufacturing of
: justification for aberrant behavior or imagery, or for camouflaging such
: ignominy with "redeeming" programming. Embedding sinful behavior in a theme
: or plot of seemingly edifying or humorous behavior does not excuse the sinful
: behavior of either the one who is drawing pleasure from the sinful display or
: the practitioners demonstrating the sinful behavior.

: > It is people like you who do not only repell people from Christianity
: > but make me question my own feelings. Mr Smith did this too, but in a
: > good way. The bible is not LAW but is like a guide book that God our
: > father has given us.

: So, it is up to YOU whether murder is wrong? Whether fornication is a sin?
: Whether lying is sinful? Whether...

: > Next it seems as you wrote the review for kids, even mentioned two kids
: > in the theator. Well, the movie was rated *R* there should not have been
: > kids there in the first place. So your comment on how they look
: > uncomfortable has no revalance.

: "Relevance"

: This movie is not geared towards kids but
: > aldult of all stautre and religion.

: So, what is sinful for a child may not be sinful for an adult? Maybe YOU can
: answer a couple questions no one else has been able to answer. In which sin
: did Jesus either participate or encourage to teach us of it? Put differently,
: would Jesus want us to participate in sins to learn of them?" Too tuff? Try
: this one. Which behavior is sinful for a child but is not sinful for an
: adult? Note that "legal" is not part of the question. Still too tuff? Try
: it reversed. Which behavior is sinful for an adult but is not sinful for a
: child? And then I guess by your measurment that Jesus was lying or just
: trying to scare us when he told us "It would be better for him to be thrown
: into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause [OR
: teach] one of these little ones to sin." and “Woe to the world because of the
: things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man
: through whom they come!" I thought He was telling the Truth.

: The movie's religon in question is
: > Chaloism but yet Mr. Smith was raised Catholic, very Catholic. Every
: > religion poses question and that why Mr Smith made this movie, those
: > questions. Do not even tell me you have never questioned one thing in the
: > whole Bible, becuase then yourself would be a liar.

: If you believe your assumption then you are lying to yourself by projecting an
: assumption within your assumption based on assumptions you have heard.

: > I have to many comments to say about your review and about your lack of
: > spiritual fill you must be recieving but I will finish with just a few
: > more.

: What? Would you repeat that in english?

: > Fist of all the way you rate your movies you would even find something
: > wrong with the Barney or Blue's Clues the my little nephew watches.

: If there is sin in those programs, yes.

: > Reviews like yours that point out every little hate or sexuality point is
: > what keep war between the races. I mean do I have to explain every detail
: > of this movie to you?

: No, but I think you need to have someone explain at least a little of the
: Truth to you.

: > The three hockey playing boys that are going around beating people up
: > are suppose to be demons.

: They were actors who looked like regular punks to the audience and in doing so
: planted aberrant behavioral templates for the impressionable and the bitter:
: planted encouragement for those already bent in favor of such behavior.

: The man whose horns come out of his head is a
: > muse,

: He was an actor playing the part of an evil-doer.

: > You do know what that is right. I am sure you do,

: And you know *I* am right. There is no denying it.

: no offense but
: > your probably have your bible shoved so far up your buttocks that you
: > think you could win an argument with God.

: I have no agruments with God. You do. Guess Who will win in the end?

: > You need to rewatch this movie, then watch Chasing Amy, another fo the
: > Kevin Smith films. After that watch the last temptation of Christ and
: > seek physchological help.

: I've already had all the psychological evaluation necessary for top security clearance.

: > My pastor even like this film, except for the languege and some of the
: > sexual dialog, and even recomended we cross refrence it to our lives and
: > the bible. Please sir, I ask of you love and embrace our religon not
: > mourn it. Thank you,

: Well, I cannot nor will I even try to explain why so many chose to
: situationally redefine or conditionally apply the Sctipures. But God warned
: us of false prophets and those who would tweek His Word into what appears to
: be lies; who would call good evil and evil good. I cannot imagine a man
: charged with teaching the Word endorsing such vulgar ignominy, but God said
: they would come -- and He placed great woe on them.

: My suggestion to you is that you read the Bible. Really read it. And if you
: say you have laready read it, read it again. Start with the New Testament.
: And try to open your mind as you read it and cast off the clutches of
: situational ethics and conditional morality that seem to have you in their
: grasp. Read it FOR YOURSELF, not by what I or even your pastor would have you
: believe about the Bible now that you are well past the age of accouantability.
: And read either the KJV or the NIV. Trash those teenage bibles or bibles
: geared to a specific set of people. Let the Landover Baptists have them. The
: Bible is enough in and of itself if you do not let your own understanding
: contaminate or distort the signal as it goes from your eyes to your brain.
: >
: > Sean M. Ward
: > japanfreak@juno.com
: > ________________________________________________________________
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: > Try it today - there's no risk! For your FREE software, visit:
: > http://dl.www.juno.com/get/tagj.

: --
: Always in Jesus' name.
: --
: Thomas A. Carder
: ChildCare Action Project (CAP): Christian Analysis of American Culture

: Note: In accordance with Title 17, U.S.C., section 107, this material
: is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a
: prior interest in receiving this information. This material may not be
: copied or quoted, placed on any web site or other open forum or
: otherwise provided to anyone other than the one(s) to whom it is
: addressed without express consent.

: This guy should be taken right into the middle of the streat and shot. Let this mother fucker have a piece of your mind too, his e-mail is on the site at the bottom. Thanks.

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