Can Randal Graves Be Saved? Pray For Him Now...

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Posted by Lucifer Lyndon Razoodock at on June 29, 2000 at 01:25:26:

"Go to Hell, Graves!"--Alyssa Jones ("clerks.(the lost scene)")

Is there any primary mortal in the Askewniverse as cheerfully and consistently amoral and ignorant as Randal?

What exactly are Randal's redeeming qualities?

Yes, he's funny...very funny...and yet he seems to grow more nihilistic, mean and somewhat less intelligent with every appearance.

The first time Jeff stepped into his shoes, Randal merely seemed to be a bright kid who'd grown entirely too jaded. Truth be told, my companion at the first viewing of "clerks." we attended once upon a time actually cheered Randal's post-beating lambasting of Dante's self-pity. I applauded as well.
True enough, Randal certainly seemed to dispense some righteous wisdom on a certain whiny, goateed cat who needed a wake-up call (and didn't seem about to take it from the one woman in his life who truly treated him well)...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does Randal not seem to be growing more and more despicable?

About, oh, a hundred years ago when I worked in a video story myself (and "clerks." just arrived as a screener at our store, for those of you who must stick a push-pin into the ole' timeline), so disgusted was he with his job as a package handler and so liberated did he feel by this unassuming independent b-&-w masterpiece, that he started to emulate Randal's behavior (by his own admission, so this is hearsay) in some rather disturbing ways.
I thought of that when another of ViewAskew's minions made mention of the "Randal Syndrome," the primary symptoms of which I believe that I've just described above...

Could Randal's disintegration of character have something to do with a hope that he'll grow less appealing a persona to aspire to?

More importantly, now that we know ViewAskew's world to indeed be blessed with a God worth smiling there any hope for Randal or is he destined to...gah, don't really want to think on it...

Mm, nicotine and Guinness with a dash of Corona makes one thoughtful...

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