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Posted by GuruAskew at on June 29, 2000 at 02:12:47:

In Reply to: Continuity error? methinks so. posted by rudy on June 29, 2000 at 01:54:10:

Did you ever notice that inbetween Mallrats and Clerks, Willam Black lost alot of weight? It must be a different actor! Also, did you ever notice that not one, not two, not even four, but five different actors have portrayed 007 himself, James Bond?!?!?! Get over it. It's a simple re-cast. I don't see why they'd pay the Rook to come in and film a single shot when they could get some grip or something to pop his head in a door. Especially in a $250,000 flick. I'm surprised the frequent multiple casting of View Askew mainstays like Affleck, Lee and O'Halloran hasn't blown your mind. There you have it.

: Okay, first of all, yes, I've looked at the summaries, and this is not in them.

: And yes, I'm being anal.

: In Chasing Amy, when Banky and Alyssa are talking about going down on chicks, Banky relates the story of how he was going down on Brandi Svenning sophmore year, he finally makes her come, and her dad bursts in, resulting in a permanent injury to our dear Banky. The only thing is, the guy who walks in bears ABSOLUTELY NO RESEMBLANCE to the Mr. Svenning we see in Mallrats! This guy is small and has hair. Hmm? Another one that slipped by?

: Another thing: In that same scene, but when Banky and Alyssa are talking about the definition of "fucking," Banky suggests that Alyssa at least modify it with "fist" or something. Holden is sitting here listening the whole time. Yet, in the scene with Alyssa and Holden are on the swings, and Alyssa tells him about fisting, the idea seems foreign to him. Okay, so that isn't really a blooper.

: Just thought I'd share.

: ~Rudy~

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