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Posted by Lucifer Lyndon Razoodock at on June 29, 2000 at 02:40:51:

In Reply to: Kevin, please DON'T RECAST CHEVY. posted by Chiusano on June 29, 2000 at 02:29:54:

: Seriously, don't give that worthless shitrag any undeserved career resurgence. Leave him in Snow Day 2/Mars Vacation Hell for the rest of his days. Think about it: how much of a slap in the puss would hiring another actor to play Fletch be to Chevy? It would be insulting to him, a perfect payback for all his bullshit. You don't wanna work with that talentless egomaniacal douche, do you? It will be Fiorentino to the eighth power. Please, you hiring Chevy will hurt my heart. Don't do it. Make Lee the new Fletch. Or anyone else. I beg of you.

Oh, wait.
I think I've got your gist now.

It's hard to imagine Kev. wanting to go ahead on this without Chevy.
Deluded as he may be (still feeling bad for giving John all that coke, eh, Chevy?), it isn't Chevy's personality that Kevin wanted in the's the Chevy Chase - comic legacy, for what it's worth.

I guess I find it hard to understand why such a project would rise phoenix-like if it weren't about resurging Chase. Could Jason open the flick?
Well, mayhaps. . ., but something tells me that the first non-ViewAskew offering from Kevin will probably be a diametric opposite from what we've come to expect from Kevin, just so he can prove to himself (and to all who care) that he could do it.

He knows he's not as bad a writer/director as he says he is, and what would bring out the cineaste in him better than paying true homage to the movies he loved as a budding, young film-geek?

Of course, if he casts Chevy as Superman, he's gonna get it bad...;=+)


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