Re: I'm pissed and postiing yet again!

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Posted by g-off at on June 29, 2000 at 03:21:08:

In Reply to: Re: I'm pissed and postiing yet again! posted by josette on June 29, 2000 at 03:06:07:

well it just points out that you know not what you talk about. Try being famous. I mean there has to be a point that you have to accept it and go about what famous people do. And at times that means you can't be in contact with your fans. I mean you come here and post as a realatively newbie (not saying that I've been here forever) guess what there are times Kev doesn't post for a while either, but the difference here is that View Askew has a staff....much larger than Affleck's I'm sure the fan base here is more than likely more able to answer most posted questions anyway Ben's board is surely loaded with the teenie bopper types who think he's "Waaaaay Hot." and would love to know "What do you eat for breakfast ben?" so it's not that tough to see the stark contrasts between the two boards.


P.S. Sorry if I'm attacking you, but I am.

: : Read Ben's little article/self-interview in (I believe it was) Maxum a while back and see if you have the same feelings as you do now.

: : -G

: : P.S. it was fucking hilarious and should be read by all

: :
: : : I am new to your board & I am a FORMER poster on the Ben Affleck site.

: : : First, let me say I think it's great that you take time out for your fans and you post messages regularly on your board. The above aforementioned seems to be too high and mighty to do that.

: : : As I don't know you personally, I don't know if your comments on the Affleck board are in jest or if they are sincere, but if you are just kidding....well, sorry, but it appears to me you are right on target. The more I went into the Affleck site, the less it seemed about fan participation and more about personal amusement and ego boosting. This last (and FINAL) time I went into the Affleck board really made me wish I kept better stock of Pepto Bismol in my house.

: : : I hate to say it, but I think when you gave Ben his big break, you created a HUGE monster. However, one good thing that came out of it was Matt Damon's rise to fame (whom, I believe, is more talented and kind-hearted than Ben could EVER dream of being). I just hope Ben's Mount Rushmore sized-ego doesn't rub off on Matty.

: : : Keep up the good work Kevin. And if you post anymore on the Affleck board, good luck wading through all the teenage saliva.

: : : Josette

: ----Yes, I read it (it was for Premiere magazine)! And no, it doesn't make me think any differently of him. Keep in mind the whole purpose of these publicity things is to build an actor's image, so people will go see their movies. Showing an actor as the asshole he really is isn't going to sell tickets.

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