Fuck you, fanboy!

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Posted by Ihatemainstream at davisong.ee.union.edu on June 29, 2000 at 09:27:21:

In Reply to: You "So-Called" Kevin Smith posted by TheSilentOne on June 29, 2000 at 04:01:32:

:If you guys were true Kevin Smith fans, you would be trying to think of :ways that he could keep the Clerks cartoon on the air
:... you would try to be helping him think of new ideas for new movies -- :which I have done -- they may not be original (they
:may have been posted before), but at least I came up with some.

:() move over to HBO -- if they can afford 24 Hr Movie TV, they can afford :Clerks

This has been suggested by everyone on the god-damn board pretty much.

:()start the Askewniverse Channel and do nothing but show View Askew :related movies and TV shows 24 hrs. a day -- that
:would be a dream for me.

Wow! An Askewniverse Channel? Really? Let's go out and make it right now! Also we can go out an make a 24 hour a day Chris Rock channel! He's funny right? So therefore people must want to see him twentyfour-seven too!

:The Misadventures Of Jay And Silent Bob

Thats gay dude. This is why he comes up with the ideas and we support his infinite wisdom.


See above.

:Kids Of New Jersey - kinda like Mallrats meets Kids

You are a lost fucking cause.

:See? I am a true Kev Smith fan. Have been since Mallrats, always will be :until Clerks Part 200. Die hard, get high, and ...
:snoochie boochies.

:The Silent One!

You are not worthy of the name Silent One.

Snootch to the nootch all you Kevin Smith fans! (Except for this faithless bastard!)

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