I think it's just you and Rug Muncher

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Posted by Kim at 1cust195.tnt1.red-bank.nj.da.uu.net on June 29, 2000 at 11:53:03:

In Reply to: Is it me, or is Kim Loughran fucking brilliant? posted by Tishel Aromatic on June 28, 2000 at 14:51:49:

this post made me smile, hard. and rug's "defense" of me, too.

I'm never opposed to cameo in a View Askew vehicle, it's just the day to
day that I have disconnected from (I couldn't tell you what sweatshirt
Kevin wore today, for instance, though I'd lay odds it's the same one, or
some version of the same one, he has sported every summer for the past few
years). And in the fall, the long coat...

things don't change too dramatically around here.
"we fear change"

: Ah, the fair Kimberly Loughran. When's HER movie coming out, Kevin? Let
her write a script! Bankroll the project! Make sure she stars! Oh, how my
heart sank when she left the Quick Stop with Rick Derris. But I was
stricken with rapture when I saw her in "Dogma," sandwiched between Matt
Damon and Ben Affleck in that elevator. Kim Loughran and Guin Turner are
the most underrated performers/writers in movie history and they should
BOTH be worshipped at every turn. To this day I have never seen a woman
jettison latte quite the way Ms. Loughran has.

: She's a find, Mr. Smith. Let her shine.

: KIMKIMKIMKIMKIMKIMKIMKIMKIMKIM -- in "Clerks," she was the ultimate
late-80s, acid-washed nocturnal emission "Slaughter" video chick. In
"Dogma," she was the last word in cerebral mocha swilling. What range! What

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