Fletch supporting cast?

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Posted by o9mmrocks at h00009498a0aa.ne.mediaone.net on June 29, 2000 at 12:40:26:

i posted this on the newsaskew board also, but i figured more people(hopefully some importiant people)would read it here, so here it goes:
i have a question which to me is equally importiant as 'who will play Fletch', how about will Kev use his usual cast? Obviously no Jay And Silent Bob but will Mewes be in there as another charecter? what about Jeff or Brain or any of the others? I personnaly think that would be really fresh.
On the subject of who should play Fletch i'd say having Lee play Fletch would be the best move i could think of for both the film and for Lee's career, if this is gonna take place after VA5, then Lee should have an open schedule at this point(assuming he's gonna be in VA5 which is far enough away he should be able to get all his current projects out of the way)so if Kev sees it fit for Lee to play Fetch he should call him up right now, because Stillwater(or Untitled, whatever the hell it's called)will probably bring scripts rolling to Lee's mailbox which might leave him stressed for time with any of Kevin's future endeavours...and as great as Damon was as Loki and as great as Lee was as Azreal(sp?)Lee would have been a kick-ass Loki

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