Did you actually read Kevin's post?

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Posted by ~Ktnb at x98a3a036.pix.aol.com on June 29, 2000 at 13:16:01:

In Reply to: This means ASKEW:5(UNNAMED) is on hold, right? posted by Darth Dobbin on June 29, 2000 at 13:07:15:

He said himself that Fletch is coming AFTER the final View Askew movie.

-Katie B.

: I'm assuming that the FLETCH thing was as much of a surprise to Kevin as it is to us; This is going ahead soon, right?

: Am I correct in assuming that that this news effectively shelves whatever anangram-madness movie you were planning on moving forward with?

: Actually, I *am* glad of that...Having just (last night) got my CHASING AMY DVD, I can tell you that the "weakest link" is the continuity... The movie was, in my opinion, one of the best of its kind EVER, EVER (extended opinion forthcoming after FLETCH madness dies down a bit), but watching it with my wife, who is not an obsessive 'Skew Hound, but has seen & enjoyed all the movies because of me & my urging...She remembered the name of Caitlin Bree, but in a kind of "Hey, wasn't that the girl from CLERKS? Was she his girlfriend with the Lasagna or the one who was getting married" kind of way... The continuity stuff in AMY was, actually, kinda perfect because it provided a "secret reward" for those in the relative know, but was really incosequential to the emotional content of the film.

: I was a little worried that with all the "fan buzz" about tying up "loose ends," the final Skewniverse venture might spend too much attention to stuff only a lunatic fringe cares about.

: I'm casting no stones, mind you, I'm one of the loonies.

: Anyway, I'm gonna pick up one or two of these novels, & try to dispel the mental image of Chevy.

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