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Posted by DidntICUonCNN at gw1.mcgraw-hill.com on June 29, 2000 at 14:54:51:

Holy Shit! I never thought I'd see the day when a bunch of so-called Smith fans like yourselves would admit to not owning a DVD player. Okay, do you remember on standardized tests in high school all those analogy questions? Well, here's one:
Lightsaber is to Jedi Knight as _______ is to Kevin Smith fan
answer: DVD player
VHS, schmee HS.
Look, cheif, no one can fully appreciate Dr. Smith's vision, untarnished by the network parasites, without the aid of a DVD player. Mallrats easily became 5 time as great a movie to me (I was one of the few who thought it rocked ever since I saw it in the theatre...the empty theatre) once I watched the true film as the good doctor had intended for us to see. If you haven't seen the deleted stuff and the comentary (funny as hell), then you haven't seen Mallrats.
The point is this: Buy a DVD player, sport, (mine's inside this spiffy PC I'm typing with now) and get all the Special Edition DVDs. It shows you, not only what really happened (ie. instant film school audit) but why and what else was supposed to have happened that Jim Jax said was too foul or they thought would have run too long. What the hell is that "Well if it isn't my neighbor?" line about anyway? And why does that kid in the parking lot seem so excited about TS and Brandy breaking up? I think Mallrats is the best DVD so far, not only by VA, but in my collection. But you've also got to see the deleted ending of CLERKS too.

Waiting patiently for more...especially the cartoons...and what the fuck does a "smart Porky's" mean anyway?

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