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Posted by Bry-Guy at on June 28, 2000 at 13:46:34:

Mr Smith,

I know this is probably like beating off a dead horse, but I just have to ask you about your brief stint with the new Superman flick.
"Were you happy to have Nicholas Cage on the project?"
As you have to know, by working as a writer in the comic book industry, continuity, loyalty to mythoses, and (being a visual as well as literary art) faithfulness to image breeds familiarity and gives the character a chance to find a place in the hearts of the masses. Now...if my mother one day went from being a 160-lb. wrinkled 50+ yr old bag-o-bones, to a 110-lb cocoa-skinned California vixen with triple-E funbags, SHE WOULDN'T BE MY MOTHER ANYMORE...SHE'D BE MY GIRLFRIEND!
Now...let's go the reverse direction and turn SUPERMAN into nicholas cage (you know, scrawny, balding,etc.)
It's NOT fucking SUPERMAN. Why would I pay eight bucks so some coke sniffing load-that-should-have-been-swallowed, can turn the American flag into black pleather hooker boots?! The ideals of SUPERMAN are a major inspiration in my life. His image is an embodiment of those ideals.
Disney wouldn't turn Mickey into friggin' South Park, because even though I would pay millions for THAT, they have common sense enough to not fuck with their audience. I don't know how this shit works, but I imagine that most ticket sales would be from SUPERMAN fans. Where's the common sense in turning Superman into the Matrix? Where's the common sense in having the darkest director in Hollywood (Burton) make a movie about the brightest star in the comic book world (I'm not talking about sales figures)? How big of a SUPERMAN fan are you? And...
Who would you REALLY have play Superman? Please don't say Ben Affleck...
I just realized that what I thought was my successful arousal of the horse is actually just rigor mortis. It's a dead issue, so I expect nothing, but it would be cool to hear from you.

Here's to being a dancer,
Bryan Guy

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