ALAN RICKMAN answer!!!!

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Posted by TrentReno at on January 08, 2001 at 19:05:42:

In Reply to: ALAN RICKMAN Question???? posted by Lora on January 08, 2001 at 18:56:08:

Hey Lora! Don't worry, we're not all disgruntled and ready-to-attack posters for whatever the reason. Here, I grabbed this from the Dogma section of the View Askew Web site. I hope it answers your question!

English actor Alan Rickman brings to the role of Metatron a world-weary, self-possessed quality that is at once powerful and comical. States Kevin Smith: "The Voice of God has to be British; it's that simple."

Smith continues: "Alan Rickman is the class of this movie and he brings to it an air of authenticity. It's also comical to have him opposite Jason Mewes- a Shakespearean trained actor of the highest order next to a dude from New Jersey. And he was a real sport to wear those 100 pound wings."

Rickman was drawn to the movie because he found it "highly crafted, highly intelligent and terribly funny, with the humor putting the seriousness of the themes into perspective." "It's a script that makes great technical demands on an actor because there is a real beat to the line," says Rickman, "and Kevin can hear it. That's what comedy is about: the rhythm of the writing."

He describes Metatron as "the sort of production manager for God, if you like." From the start, Rickman saw his character as a visual riff on the megalithic rock stars of the 80s with big hair and a slick, shiny suit - someone with a lot of self-importance and the audience to support it. "I remember talking to Kevin on the phone in America and asking if I could have a shiny suit somewhere in the film," recalls Rickman. "The suit became very important to the character." But spiritually, Rickman's Metatron is miles beyond humans and even many of his own kind. "Metatron is the ring master who treats the others like the naughty children they are," notes Rickman. "He merely wants to sort it all out and get back home to a cloud."

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