I doubt, that Kev has even read it... *NT*

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Posted by Jack and Tyler Durden at dialup01ip022.tus.azstarnet.com on January 15, 2001 at 01:10:45:

In Reply to: And now, an obscure DC comics reference... posted by Lycanthrope on January 15, 2001 at 00:02:33:

: Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just the one-in-a-million guy who thinks this way. Maybe I've had too much coffee this morning, and my brain's a little loopy. Maybe all those years of substance abuse (yeah, I was a glue eater, but I've been off the sticky stuff for some time now) has finally taken its toll on my mental faculties. Maybe I should get to the point.
: My point is simply this: Ambush Bug.
: Oh no, wait, it's more complex than that.
: Ambush Bug, for all you non-hip cats out there, was a comedic character in the DC [comics] universe, who was basically on the same plane as Superman (interacted with same villians, etc.). He had a few miniseries (how do you do the plural form of "miniseries"?) of his own for awhile (which I suggest all of you search for on your next trip to the local comic-book store). I have to say, Ambush Bug had one helluva funny comic series, and I wish someone would either make a movie adaptation of his comic, or DC should at least breathe life back into Ambush Bug (but, who knows, maybe the guys over there at DC comics have already signed a blood pact that AB should stay buried). I thought I should take this idea over here, to the View Askew message board, because hey, this is Kevin Smith here. If he, a man in high authority with a soft spot for comics, won't do it (the movie idea being "it", but he's perfectly capable of resurrecting the comic book as well, I think) then who will? Kev, hear me out, man. Ambush Bug was too brilliant to vanish into obscurity.

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