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Posted by Silent-Bob at on January 15, 2001 at 10:24:03:

In Reply to: Kevin - Questions Concerning the Film posted by Zen Man on January 15, 2001 at 09:29:28:

: Kevin,
>>I'm not Kevin, but I'll try to answer a few.

: How much of a script do you start with?
>>Not sure what this question means, next!

: Do you Storyboard every scene?
>>No, not EVERY scene, but if I'm wrong Kevin will come by and correct me.

: How much improvisation do you allow your talent?
>>Very little. He occasionally lets the "talent" improvise lines, but they kind of have to get his permission ("Shoe polish smelling motherfucker" as well as "Scheuller Bob!?! I'll get you Scheuller Bob!!" were improvised, along with a few other great lines).

: Do you have the logistical problem that some indy filmmakers have..that is getting people to show up on time?
>>This a very broad question. He's made several movies, he's probably had different experiences with each of them (I hear Jeremy London was stoned a lot on the set of Mallrats).

: You must have the final cut, are you involved in the entire editing process?
>>In Clerks, yes. In his other movies, just see who was credited as editor. If it's Kevin and someone else, then he may have only done some major editting, or a lot, I don't know.

: When you decide to start a VA Project do you plan everything from nut to butt?
>>Nut to butt???

: I just wanted some idea of how easy or how difficult it has become for you.
>>I'd think that the part that has become difficult for him is having to satisfy those damn studio execs.

: I know I sound like James Lipton right now but I would like any input you can give me.
>>Don't try to be a Mini-Kevin, be original. If you really want to be a director (or writer, or editor) then most of these questions shouldn't matter.

: By the way "What's your favorite curse word"

"Drink it into your bloodstream. Bingo. Now"-Jack Lurlane(The juice-master guy)

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