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Posted by kevorka at on January 15, 2001 at 16:51:27:

In Reply to: try this... posted by kevorka on January 15, 2001 at 16:46:14:

Print out a couple of test pages. Sometimes just running through a couple of print jobs will clean the print surface.

: take a paper towel and dampen a small section of it with hot water. You just want damp, not soaking wet. Then wipe down the part of the cartridge that where the ink actually comes out. Then wipe it with a dry part of the paper towel and try it again.

: It just sounds like the cartridge needs to be cleaned.

: : I know this is off-topic and I know I'm gonna get it from smalls but I need some help here and I figured maybe one of you guys actually knows what he/she are doing. I just got a new ink cartridge, it's black and white cause I need to save some money for the movie. Anyway, I installed it and went through the cartridge change on my printer configurations. Then, I went to go print my credits to review and it printed it and all but there was one problem. It was all fuzzy. It looks as if it's been printed twice, once light and once dark. Please don't tell me it's because it's a black and white cartridge cause I'm gonna have a field day. I've taken it on and off thinking that it's a little loose but nothing is giving. Somebody please reach out a hand and help a little friend in need.

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: : "Scapal....toothbrush...bannana peel...bandage...."

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