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Posted by Neil at on January 15, 2001 at 19:47:52:

In Reply to: Chill OUT! posted by bnp on January 15, 2001 at 19:34:25:

I thought you were the one who leapt in here by saying, “Wow, Brian...very wide range of favorites but Babe:Pig In the City? I hope this is your sarcasm kicking in again.”

And then followed the question of what was wrong with the choice and the definition of the film as “brilliant” went on, “I will have to admit that I can't give a fully educated opionion (sic) of it because I turned it off after the first half hour. I think I may have fallen asleep due to the lack of plot movement. It was ALL about the talking animals and if you call that brilliant...sad, very sad.”

I don’t see how, if my account is correct, you can be the one to go into hysterics over other people expressing their opinions.

You were pointlessly rude to both Lynch and Vincent. You dismissed the film without having seen it and then suggested it was “sad, very sad” for a person to define a movie about “talking animals” as brilliant. I suggest that you are a rude, stupid and pig ignorant (pun intended) woman who likes to dish it out and have everyone boy down to her “superior” opinions, but squeals (another pun, damn, I’m fun) when someone dishes a little back.

I don't see why anyone would even considering giving you a break. You didn't seem to give anyone else a break.

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