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Posted by TrentReno at spider-mtc-tg071.proxy.aol.com on January 08, 2001 at 16:09:34:

In Reply to: enlightenment for the die hards posted by bgotnone on January 08, 2001 at 15:50:09:

Rather than flame ya which is what I'm sure you're expecting, I'm just gonna share my opinions with you as you have shared your.

: kev should have stopped after clerks, before mutating into the fat elvis he is today.

Clerks was my fav too, but I also like the other stuff. Now do you mean literally fat? Cause he's actually lost alot of weight since Mallrats and he's also quit smoking.

: chasing amy- if i wanted to see a girl crying i would hang out with my gilfriend,

I dunno, each time I see this movie I like it more. Sure, Joey's voice gets irritating when she shouts (haha) but did you even watch the movie? There was like, 3 minutes of crying. If you want to give an actual critique instead of cracking wise, that'd probably make your statments and credibility stronger. And why the hell are you dating this girl if she's always crying (or is that actually WHY she's always crying)?

:dogma- good idea, bad movie,

Again, why? If you don't like Smith films, why did you register on the board? At least state what it is you don't like.

c:tas- best cancellation ever,

No, Micheal Richards show was the best cancellation ever. Normal Ohio was another best. I can't believe how much crap lasted on TV longer than Clerks TAS. Granted Clerks was no Simpsons, I rather enjoyed it.

:if burton said supes sucked, it sucked, b/c he has more artistic merit in one of his bad movies then all of k.s. flicks.

It didn't suck, the problem was that it was over budget. And Burton has made some pretty bad crap that I'll take a Smith movie over anyday. Speaking of Burton, Clerks TAS was much better than Family Dog.

:mallrats an insult to cbg's everwhere.

That's what you get when you make a movie for a studio. However, I liked Mallrats cause Jason Lee is the man.

:now i might sound like someone who had their make-up sweared by kev's semen but that is not the case.

Now you're just being gross.

:i just want him to do 1 thing instead of churning out ten sub-par products. read: stay out of comics if you have a forte it is not that medium.

Says you.

:someone please riddle me this, is the girl kev married the girl that gave a 1 hander to his friend b/c he was wearing "cords". b/c i would gladly go buy a pair.

Dude, attack Kev's writing and directing but leave his wife out of this. That's just not cool.

: i will now await the defense but please print out a copy of what you submit and stick it in your junk drawer and in a few years when you can actually understand movies, it will read like your defense of New Kids in the late 80's. signed, the way, the truth, and the light.

Actually I never liked New Kids and I hope you're not suggesting that VA films are just a fad. That and the fact that I'm not sure if you understood the movies. If you did, great, but then give real critiques, not this crap.

: ps. can i have a part in jsbsb
Yes you may.

-Minisma--err--I mean Ralphy

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