I always just assumed...

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Posted by Wrong_Coast at on January 11, 2001 at 05:15:06:

In Reply to: Re: You may be right,, but.... posted by hurley guy on January 11, 2001 at 01:26:33:

... that the Banky/Brandi encounter happened in high school. How old was Banky at the time of Chasing Amy? 25 or 26, something like that? I've never known people mid-20s or older to refer back casually to "sophomore yesr" and mean college. They specify: "my sophomore year of college." Banky's story just sounded like a reference to high school to me.

Granted, for a 15-16 year old future comic book artist, Brandi Svenning would've been quite a prize! But high school would fit Banky's choice of words, and clear up any continuity issues too.

: here's what we do know. banky says its during sophmore year. we will assume this is college. ts and brandi supposedly dated all through college. however, the college thing isnt really known usless you see the deleted scenes from mallrats. because the original opening was with brandi using her telescope to view stars for her astronomy class at monmouth(sp?) college or univeristy or something like that. i fail to remember if her year was mentioned..but it does make for an interesting question.

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