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Posted by darrenistheman at on January 11, 2001 at 14:41:30:

In Reply to: Re: Mixed (religious) nuts posted by sirwinston on January 11, 2001 at 03:22:35:

: I mean, where in the New Testament did Jesus and his followers go around protesting writings or plays? The only real protest I remember Jesus carrying out is against the pharisees (priests) and the money-changers at the temple (for bringing worldly concerns into God's house, and profiting personally from religion). The only times he interfered in people's personal lives or in the secular world at all was when people were about to cause physical harm to one another. Other than that, he left people alone. He went to public places and declared his religious ideas--but never once, not ever, did he or his apostles insist that everyone had to listen to him, and never once did they go around accosting people and making them listen. It was passive, which is the essence of Christianity.

: "Christians" these days are usually anything but. They are the pharisees of today, the very people Jesus came to expose as wrong. Show me a Christian who turns the other cheek, as Jesus advocated, and I'll show you something as rare as the Panda. It amazes and disgusts me how un-Christian such hypocrites are.

Im one. Its screwed up, yes, but let me tell you something. Try being a Christian and understanding the stuff you just said, and having to deal with that. Its tough. I like to say "You don't understand tolerance, until you've tolerated fellow Christians." Thats the beauty of faith, its a Journey, not a Destination. And, cliche'd as it sounds, its true. Its a process.

Interesting note: Jesus turned the tables on the people in the temple NOT because they were selling crap in the temple, but because in those days the only way you COULD worship and talk to God was in that EXACT SPOT. It wasn't that the He was angry they were selling stuff in God's house, but they were PHYSICALLY taking up the space that was supposed to be used to talk to God. I get xians all the time who have huuuuge problems with selling stuff in churches....because they misinterpet these events. Its lame. Boy is it lame. But, thats why it only works as a personal thing. The very essence of Jesus teaching was a total lack of "religion." The Christians you take issue with, are those who fails to understand that. Me? I just am a happy-go-lucky fella. A panda, perhaps.

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