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Posted by Silent-Bob at on January 11, 2001 at 20:06:59:

In Reply to: If you followed the rules.. posted by Smalls Jr. on January 11, 2001 at 19:42:23:

: Than you wouldnt get flamed.

Common misspelling: Than=Then. I'm not bitching, it's just something a lot of people on this board do, a lot.

: Is this the only place you hang out.

"?", it's a question, right?

: Go find another board to post your idiotic shit on. Why do you feel the need to break the rules here?

I agree with this. You use an agressive attitude, but other than that, it's a decent reaction.

: Hoping that Kevin will see you for the true genius you are and ask you to be his pal?

This is taking it too far. You don't have to use sarcasm, unless you think he's too stupid to realize that it's sarcasm (claiming that he might be that stupid, is just ignorant).

: The only people that care about your off topic posts are the other fucking idiots that post off topic.

...And the jackasses that spend their life (or quite a bit of it) telling everyone when they're being off-topic. Creating 10-15 post threads that's nothing but you and someone else going back and forth saying things like "You're off-topic!" and "Am not!" is what clogs up the board, not the off-topic posts themselves. If people start responding to it, then you flame and get pissed, but if you post immediately and start bitching, it'll clog up the precious board you work so hard to police like your idol Smalls (Although your posts lack any wit and are void of logic).

: Heres an idea, why dont you take yourself and all of them to another board. Make your own board where you can bitch about all the "old fucks" that bitch about you for posting "COOL TOPICS". Go, go do that. Hurry.

You piss me off more than people who post off-topic shit because the only thing you post are rants*.

: Smalls Jr.
: Free the wooooorld

Free the Indians!

*Smalls and Thermometer Brown are excluded from this category because neither Smalls nor TB pst ten to twenty times a day.

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