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Posted by Silent-Bob at on January 11, 2001 at 23:50:40:

In Reply to: There is just so much wrong with you. posted by Smalls Jr. on January 11, 2001 at 22:53:17:

: Agressive, passive, it recieves the same response.

Not true. Most people respond better to a logical, thought out reply, rather than aggressive threats of finding out where they live and causing bodily damage with a baseball bat (or a winged bat, not quite sure which one you meant).

: I dont respond to everyone. They are the ones that started all the stupid ass posts with my name in it. And I stayed away from them. I posted under topics that had already started and never started a thread AND never had a long back and fourth with anyone. Get your facts straight.

That's my beef with you. First of all, you post under off-topic posts that don't have any thread, and therefore, you start a thread (by making aggressive comments and threats) and become just as off-topic as the people you're bitching to. Secondly, you post all the time, if make yourself prominant on the board, people will take notice and give you shit.

: : *Smalls and Thermometer Brown are excluded from this category because neither Smalls nor TB pst ten to twenty times a day.

: I post just as much as they do when they are around. ATTENTION was just focused on my posts more than thiers.

Not true. Neither Smalls, nor TB post here on a daily basis, let alone multiple times in one day.

And you would not have the balls to say anything bad about Smalls, would you? Of course not.

If he acted like you (posting several times, creating OFF TOPIC threads, threating several posters etc.) yes, I would.

YOU have the most unoriginal name this board has EVER seen. Mine is unoriginal but thats to make a point.

Actually, me and my buddy here in Texas have some of the most ORIGINAL names this board has ever seen, I just changed mine to this because I wanted to make a point (I was drunk when I came up with it, so I forgot what the point was).

You would never EVER post anything to shake up the norm would you?

WE would, and WE have, but we don't create some ego-driven vasade that we're creating a better message board for the future...well, I don't.

If my posting a million times that these fools are wasting space with their off topic posts, if that gets some attention and gets the off topic posts deleted, then I have accomplished my goal. Yeah I am just adding to the waste of space. But by doing so it will lead to posts in the future being on topic.

That's what I was referring to in my subject. You have such a high and mighty self-image it's rediculous. You think that you'll actually make a difference, that's funny! And to top it all off, you think you'll get rid of the off-topic posts by creating more off-topic posts than there would normally be, HAHAHAHA!!!

: Yes I rant, but if everyone here only posted things of any value than the board would take weeks to fill up.

That's not going to happen, save your breath, save some space, and if you're going to rant and bitch and threaten then at least wait until all of these "morons" create an off-topic thread until you pop up and start talking shit.

: Smalls Jr.
: Almost done here

Yeah yeah, I know I said I was gone, but...I lied

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