How couldn't he be stoned? *NT*

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Posted by Jack and Tyler Durden at on January 25, 2001 at 20:54:30:

In Reply to: Are you stoned? posted by Silent-Bob on January 25, 2001 at 18:53:22:

: : hey kevin

: : i know you're most likely not the one to read this but hell i thought i'd give it a shot
: : first of all i must give credit where credit's due and give kudos to the fine work on dogma, mallrats, and clerks. Chasing Amy was ok but it didn't grab me like the others.
: : and i must say that jason mewes is a stoner dude that i can look up to
: : of course i look up to you too but for other reasons
: : i'm not going to say that i'm a number one fan because i know there are some real freaks out there.
: : i don't have a shrine o' kevin or anything
: : i do have a question though
: : do you and jason actually toke up as much as it seems or is it most for the movies?
: : thats pretty much it
: : later

: That's all fine and dandy, but...

: : oh i forgot
: : tell mtv to play some more fucking cartoons

: Cartoons?!?!!? What about MUSIC?!?! It used to be Music Television. Now it's T-BBSTV(Teeny-Bopper Bullshit Television), and UWL-ATVSTV (Unoriginal, Whiny, Lame-Ass Television Shows Television).

: Bob
: MTV sucks more than Veronica (not to be confused with the too-kind-to-be-true Marilyn Ghigliotti*)

: *I have talked to Marilyn, and she is truly one of the nicest human beings I have had the pleasure to speak to.

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