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Posted by TangoMania at on January 26, 2001 at 01:37:32:

In Reply to: For all the people that bothered............. posted by Cast Iron Handshake on January 25, 2001 at 23:25:07:

: to get involved after the fact! STUPID!!!!!!

Yes, I agree.

: I apologised for the mis-nomer (mistake, misinformation, lack of reading text properly, etc) but still people felt the need to put in their pennys worth! (dime, quarter, whatever you people use to trade).

Well said.

: I admitted I had made a mistake very early in the game, but still you people felt the need to post, in an inane effort to make a difference. Flaming someone for something, when that person has already admitted defeat, is very redundant!!!!

Yes. I liked the ironic use of saying people are being redundant after writing two paragraphs that said the exact same thing. Very clever.

: Get out more!!!!! Surely your lives have more meaning than this!!!!

Ex-fucking-actly. People need to get a fucking clue.

: Darth Dobbin, No doubt, you were right! I bow to you!

He always is.

: But everyone else, you wasted precious time. I even got flamed from people from this side o' the pond. (Thanks IrishBob).

I don't understand your use of the word "pond" here. Maybe you mean "ocean."

: My only excuse, and it is not much of one, is that last night, while reading aforementioned book (Goldman's) I was just too tired to have payed real attention. Pity, as so far the book has been very enlightening, informative, touching (Andre the Giant's death) and helpful!

: So please, when someone as lowly as myself, admits defeat, go with it, and try and stop yourselves from getting on the almighty HIGH horse that so many posters have taken to doing of late.

This is so true. Everyone here thinks they're so much better, but you know what? They're not.

: Now, start asking Kevin as to his involvement in the GWH program. I bet that a little more than 'doctoring' was involved!

: Like I said before, Ben and Matt are Talentless Fucks. Selling Points is all!!!!

I know! It's so obvious everyone KNEW Good Will Hunting was going to gross over $100 million and get all sorts of critical acclaim before the movie was even made.

: Ben's biggest; Armaggeddon, laughed off stage at Cannes. (Not Ben, but the film, but he wasn't that good anyway).
: Matt's biggest; Private Ryan. The film is good until Matt gets involved. Not necessarily his fault, but y'know.
: Explains why nobody saw either 'Forces of Nature', 'Reindeer Games' or 'Rounders', and why Williams had to be used to sell 'GWH' in the first place.

Exactly. God, you are fucking preaching the gospel. And you got all this after reading Goldman's book?!?!?! Wow! I guess I didn't understand it at all.

: This is one point I will not concede!

: In the marketing of JaSBSB, Kev is likely to use Ben and Matt cos they headlined 'Dogma'. Even though 'American Pie' faired considerably better at the Box Office than Dogma, he will not use Biggs as the selling point, 'cos no-one has a clue who this guy is. Maybe Shannon (Elizabeth, not Doherty), but certainly not Rock or Lee (even though they have been connected with some BIG names in the past).

I like how this paragraph made no sense! Awesome way to make your point, even though I'm still not clear what it is!

: But, through a string of connections, Affleck and Damon are known. Sad as it is, and pains me as it does, Kev's new movie will probably be known as another Ben 'n' Matt flick!

Just like how everyone says Dogma is! Oh, wait, no they don't! But yes, you're right!

: Brian & Jeff are too unknown. Lee and Mewes too. Dwight Ewell is totally unknown outside Kev's circle. Even Sups and Mose. So it falls to the two 'stars' to carry it. God help us!!!!

Yes, God help us! It's not like it's just a movie or something. I need a fix, and the way it's marketed will TOTALLY color how I view the movie because I, like you, can't think for myself and make my opinion based on the content. I'll be pissed in Ben and Matt are on the video cover! I used to like them until they made more than one thing, and now I've discovered they aint perfect and sometimes make interesting creative choices that I don't agree with. GOD HELP US!

: Another flaming session is in the pipeline no doubt, but these points have to be mentioned. So please, with all due restraint, flame away!!!!

I am glad not to flame this William Blake-esque post.


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