NDA's and REALITY....

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Posted by Bruce The Shark at spider-wg024.proxy.aol.com on January 26, 2001 at 02:46:29:

In Reply to: Chances are... posted by RugMuncher on January 26, 2001 at 00:29:59:

Of course people had to sign them...but so did 'Scoopers' on the sets of Spidey, SWE1,POTA, etc...

If there are 200 extras, or even 60..and a "Board regular" wanted to post a report, they would sign up under a new name and just post it. Not traceable.

We will see reports...but my understanding was the shoot COULD last until well into the 2:00 a.m. range!

You never know. I am assuming that like myself, most of those who are TRUE Kevin fans will NOT post any info...if I had bothered to drop in a pic and be an extra, and the Man asked me not to tell...I just couldn't. I'd write it out,save it, and share my story for August 10th.

If I were a jerk, the NDA wouldn't bother me, and I assur eyou, someone will be sending scoops to AICN or Coming Attractions,etc.

Any posts that reveal anything will be deleted, as well they should be.

My final take is...yeah, I'd LOVE to know...but if it was ME in the position of knowing, I couldn't spill it, and I don't expect any regulars or true fans to spill it, either.

As for the ones who WILL post..I am sure there is one big party right now.
Just wait it out.

But PLEASE don't bring up NDA's, cuz they are nothing more than fluff.

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