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Posted by Glen at on January 26, 2001 at 15:15:33:

In Reply to: Damn 15 year olds, damn is spelled damn, not dam posted by ShermerNative on January 25, 2001 at 13:48:54:

I'm 15 and I can spell. I think it's because he's an American 15 year old, of which seem to very imature compared to rest of the world. I do however agree with what you said about his email address! GENIUS!!!:)

: Maybe he should go back to damn school to blame others for things not under their control.

: PS, I like how you left his email address in the message.

: : The following message was sent to "" and forwarded to me by Ming and Holytoads, I figured it'd be best to deal with on here. Read on, gentle fans:

: : From:
: : To:
: : Subject: Dam It!

: : Goddam it, I'm sick of every time I start waiting for something like the
: : special edition of "Dogma" to come out and all you assholes do is keep
: : putting the thing back further and further. Tell Kevin to get his head out
: : his ass and start doing things on time for once. I use to have real respect for him and this web site but lately he has been insulting his fans and turning hollyweird on us. Can't just for once he fight for this DVD to come out on the date he said it would. I think not, because all he does is think of himself and then want money form the them and then to say thanks the money no go fuck your self's. Hell of a way for someone to treat people who have said his work was real good. I even bitched to the Oscar people one time for looking his work over and giving him the snub. But I guess Kevin does not care about us, the people who buy his DVD's and go see his movies, which I saw "Dogma" five times in the theater. Oh well, I guess it's just another famous person who made and now dumps on all his fans because his head is now
: : to big.
: : Jimmy

: : -------------------------------

: : Wel Jimmy, while we appreciate your efforts to sway the Academy voters by "bitching at them" (a hell of a strategy, by the way), you seem to have more than a few facts wrong re: View Askew and the DVDs of our films.

: : We DO NOT put out the DVDs- while Kevin writes and directs his films, View Askew DOES NOT OWN THEM- other companies do, and those other companies are the ones who put the movies out on tape and DVD. We have NO CONTROL over release dates and such- that is up to the owners of the films, AND WE DO NOT OWN THEM. If Kevin is "guilty" of anything, it's sharing too much information with his fans. When we stated working on the DOGMA Special Edition, Kevin or myself would give updates on this forum, including POTENTIAL street dates that we discussed with Columbia Tri-Star. We NEVER said any of those street dates were set in stone, they were just preliminary target dates that Tri-Star came up with. The original target date was late October, HOWEVER THIS DATE WAS NEVER OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED, IT WAS JUST A TARGET WHEN WE STATED WORKING ON THE DVD. Eventually, Tri-Star decided on the late-January date because historically, January is a big month for DVDs thanks to Xmas purchases of new DVD players. Everything was set to go, the January date was announced, Kevin got INCREDIBLY BUSY making his new film, JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK, and then....

: : Out of the blue, AND COMPLETELY OUT OF BOTH OUR CONTROL AND THE CONTROL OF COLUMBIA TRI-STAR HOME VIDEO, THE COMPANY THAT OWNS THE VIDEO RIGHTS TO "DOGMA", legal issues arose that caused the temporary cancellation of the release until said legal issues can be worked out. This has NOTHING to do with Kevin Smith, or View Askew. Given your own accusations, that Kevin only cares about taking the money of his fans, would it make ANY FUCKING SENSE AT ALL for him to intentionally delay tis DVD at the zero hour, thus pissing such obviously well-balanced and loyal fans as yourself off? NO, IT DOES NOT. The fact is, our hands are tied here at View Askew. We put a lot of time and effort into making this DVD the best it can be in partnership with Columbia Tri-Star home video and producer J.M. Kenny, and we don't like what's happening any more than any of you do. We want the fucking thing released, post-haste, and unaltered. But IT'S NOT OUR DECISION TO MAKE. WE DON'T OWN THE FILM, WE DON'T CONTROL THE VIDEO RIGHTS. Other parties do, and said other parties are hashing out the legal concerns as we speak to try and get this released.

: : I'd like to apologize on behalf of all of us "assoles" at View Askew for this delay. While it's tempting to think that we're holding onto the DVD here in our New Jersey offices, giggling like schoolgirls as we intentionally delay its release just to piss people like yourself off while Kevin bathes in the bundles of money that he rips off of unsuspecting fans, I assure you this is not the case. In fact, Kevin is knee-deep in directing his new film so he does't have the time to fan himself with the wads of cash he takes out of your pocket while telling you to fuck off- he also doesn't have the time to personally get involved in these petty legal issues that are holding up the DOGMA S.E. release, BUT EVEN IF HE DID HAVE THE TIME THERE'S NOTHING HE COULD DO BECAUSE THIS ISN'T ABOUT HIM, THIS IS ABOUT CONTRACTUAL LEGAL ISSUES THAT ONLY THE OWNERS OF THE FILM CAN SORT OUT, AND KEVIN DOES NOT OWN "DOGMA", NOR DOES VIEW ASKEW.

: : Thank you and good day. We're all very grateful to have such supporting fans as yourself on our side, Jimmy, what with the calls to the Oscar folks and such "bitching" at them. Maybe we'll have a ceremony and give you a medal.

: : Asshole.

: : Vincent

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