HAHAHAHA! Nate Dogg, you rule!!!!*NT*

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Posted by Glen at m341-mp1-cvx2c.bir.ntl.com on January 26, 2001 at 19:21:36:

In Reply to: MOTHERFUCKIN' HARRISON J KNOWLES!!!! posted by Nate Dogg on January 26, 2001 at 14:06:18:

: The word is **SPOILER**

: This is fucking ridiculous!!! Ruined!! It's ruined!!! All because of that fat, smelly, Austin, Texas livin', Magnolia lovin', ass kissin', can't write a review to save his life bastard!!

: Sure, it's my fault for clicking on the link, and my fault for being on his website, but fuck, man! Fuck!!!

: It's not fair... It's not fair...

: Couldn't he have airbrushed out the actors names (I won't ruin shit in this post for those not as dumb as myself)? Couldn't he have not posted the pics? Coun't someone have stopped me?

: Why God? Why do you allow that fat fuck to ruin my life? Why do you allow Harry Knowles to live?

: This isn't like Alanis is God. This is worse. This is like frogs raining from the sky...

: Kevin -- Can't you do something to erase this knowledge from my brain? I don't know... reshoot... recast... something?

: Vin -- Is there some Argento film that I can watch that'll make me forget what I have seen?

: Brian -- Do you actually write scripts or do you just hang out on the Web Board all day? Don't you have some films to write or something that Harry can spoil for the world?

: I'm in distress....

: Help STOP Boat sinnking STOP Billy Zane has a gun STOP Leo in trouble STOP I saw Kate Winslet's boobs STOP They were nice STOP

: -- Nate

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