hey kevin, no, MY name is Bob B-o-b, Bob...

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Posted by Silent-Bob at bpr5-192.ih2000.net on January 26, 2001 at 20:52:00:

In Reply to: hey kevin posted by ithinkisoiledmyself on January 26, 2001 at 19:21:50:

: Im doing this project for school and its about film making and they told me that i have to interview someone and ask them 10 questions.

Why didn't you just interview a homeless guy one the street? Do the teachers actually expect every student to contact and interview someone who makes films?

Well i chose you because your my favorte filmaker and your doing what id like to be doing someday some of these questions are stupid because they made me ask them but please answer them anyway.

Okie dokie.

: 1. Whats a good college to go to for film ?
That's an opinion. Do the research yourself, and make your own judgement.
: 2. What degrees are there in film?
Check out Film Colleges websites.
: 3. Who pays you to make movies?
Your momma.
: 4. How long do you think youll be making movies for?
I think he plans to retire at the age of 37.
: 5. When is Jay and Silent Bob strike back slated to cum out?
This is just plain stupidity. The other stuff you would have to LOOK for, this is EVERYWHERE. hehe, you said cum, you lazy bastard.
: 6. How much did you make with Clerks?
: 7. Whats your writing process like?
: 8. What made you wanna become a filmaker?
His sister/Summaries
: 9. Where did you study film?
: 10. How many years did you do it for?
: 11. do you smoke after sex?
Ask yo momma!

You can call me an asshole, as long as you use my full name: Disturbingly Unfunny, and Butt-Ugly Asshole with a 12 Inch Dick. As of September 12, 2001 that'll be my legal name ;)

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