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Posted by SL@SH at s2.m185.resonet.uottawa.ca on January 27, 2001 at 23:13:37:

In Reply to: Da illest of da ill... posted by Silent-Bob on January 27, 2001 at 22:30:34:

The answer to your question is easy to any Askew aficionado. Damien Young, the so-called “Bus Driver from Pete and Pete” is, as any “true fan” knows, somewhat of a genius when it comes to cooking that rarest of Russian delicacies “Stravinsky Coconut Liver,” usually dressed in a rambunctious, yet not overly precocious “fromage epicé” sauce, (See: The Smirnoff Russian Cookbook). Now, as and “true fan” (those words again!) knows, Kevin is a sucker for said entrée.
“Can’t get enough of that shit!” I believe he said in an interview somewhere (note: don’t look for it, as you will not find it, it being rare and made up and all). So, when filming commenced for Kevin’s third official film, then entitled “Lesbians: A Yummy Though,” he sent word that he was looking for a cat savvy enough to cook such extravagant meals for the cast and crew of his latest opus (i.e.: Kevin and Tse-Mach Washington). Damien caught wind of this demand, and sprinted like only a Pete and Pete regular can to Kevin and officially applied as head Kraft Service dude. Anyways, let’s fast-forward to the critical scene where Kevin needed a guy to say “Are you out of your fucking mind?” At first, word went out that a CGI creation would be used to fill this gap, ala liquid alien thing in The Abyss. Those dreams were quickly extinguished when a red-faced James Cameron threatened legal action and the threat of a movie about a giant ship starring Leonardo DiCaprio were made. Pressed for time, and itching to move to more important (i.e.: That sexy John Willyung) scenes, Smith looked to the crowd and yelled out: “We need a dude, or hell, even a dudette willing to butch it up to play a thankless part we might just cut!” Young quickly responded to the young director’s call for help, and the rest is, as they say, history. Or insane, unfunny web-board posting. Whatever, hope this helps. Je veux que vous m’aimez, dans un sense non sexuelle, naturellement.

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