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Posted by Silent-Bob at on January 25, 2001 at 14:56:53:

Kevin,(or anyone for that matter) since you've recently been tossed into the world of comics, could you tell me what you think about this idea for a Spider-Man spinoff comic. First off, I know about copyrights and things like that, but I've had this rolling around in my head for a while now, and even did a few drawings of some of the villians and it is:

>>In the not too distant future, Peter and Mary Jane are married. Mary has told Peter that she wants him to stop going around as Spider-Man, she worries about his safety. He tells her he quits, but doesn't. He goes to JJ and they make a deal that JJ won't print any stories about Spider-Man. Peter gets a day job as a nine to fiver and works at night, in secret, as Spider-Man.

One day, while coming home from work, he sees cop cars in front of his house. He has a flashback to when Ben was killed and runs inside. The house has been torn to shreds, nothing's been stolen, but the person who did it killed Mary Jane. Peter goes up to his room to get his suit to try to find the killer, and soon finds out that whoever did it knows who he is-they stole his costume. Peter loses it. He goes out and gets a new black mask, and black everything else. He creates a gun to shoot the webs. He is no longer Peter Parker, he is only Spider-Man. He never takes off his suit, and lives mainly in the streets. Returning to his home only to occasionally eat and sleep when it gets too cold. He becomes more violent, killing when necessary, and is constantly in search of his beloved's killer.

A few new villians are have come to New York. There is Vengeance, and The Goblin, as well as the return of Vulture and Doc Oc to name a few. Vengeance is a symbiote that has taken over Little Osborn (So named because he blames Spider-Man for his father's death, and wants vengeance). It is the Venom symbiote and the Carnage symbiote, combined. The indentity of The Goblin is unknown, but his weapons are nothing like the goblins that have come before him. They are more advanced, and far more deadly.<<

I have several other character bios, several other villians, new and old, and even have the last few issues already planned. Tell me what you think.

You get a boner in your stomach?

P.S. Lynch gave me a great quote for the first issue, but it accidentally burst into flames when I touched it....sorry.

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