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Posted by Not So Somber at bankyed.resnet.rutgers.edu on January 25, 2001 at 15:02:54:

In Reply to: Message from a concerned fan- EVERYBODY READ. posted by Vincent on January 25, 2001 at 13:30:14:

I know you're waiting for the dogma dvd to come out, and I know it's bugging you, so let me help you out. You want to see the deleted scenes, right? Okay.. here's what we can do about that. Some of the deleted scenes are in the published screenplay. Others are in the early draft that is at drew's scriptorama. What you can do is videotape yourself reading the lines. Hell, you can even dress up for the parts. Stop by Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash to buy a snoogans cap and a forked tongue tshirt. While you're at it, pick up a mooby's shirt and a highway infinity tshirt. You can pick up a coat like ben's and matt's at J Crew or macys. As for the Silent Bob coat, well, no body can help you there, it's a myth. Once you're in costume(s), just read the lines in front of the camera. Bam, you're done. Hey, if you want a director's cut, just copy the video from Blockbuster (make sure to ask your mom to use her membership card first), and mix in your new deleted scenes at the appropriate moments. Oh, you're probably going to want an audio commentary too. I'm sure some of us board members can do good impressions. My affleck one has been lacking, I can do a wicked Quentin Tarantino impression, but I doubt that will help you, so I'll move on. Oh, wait, Light Bulb. Just use the commentary from Mallrats, but every time they say "mallrats" dub it over with "Dogma" No one will notice. Um... what else. Oh yea, the making of feature, They are filming a Kevin Smith movie as we speak. I'm sure some of the same actors are going to be in it, from what i'm told, it's called Jay and Silent Bob strike back, so i think it's safe to say that those two will be in it. I dont know for sure. you better check the summaries or newsaskew to be sure. Shit, I'm rambling. Just visit the set, if you say you're a fan, they'll let you in and be extra nice to you, and then you can just videotape that as you making of special. Finally, if you dont know how to make a trailer, you're hopeless. Just take some scenes from the movie and to put them together. Dont forget that in the real trailer, the dub Rock's line about Christ. it's no longer the N-word, it's "brotha"
Okay, hope I helped.


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