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Posted by Jason Lee is god at on January 25, 2001 at 15:19:10:

In Reply to: So, let me get this straight... posted by FLDBret on January 25, 2001 at 13:59:43:

God damn you're smart
seriously that is the most knowledge on movies I have ever witnessed
I am not trying to sound like a dick or be sarcastic in any way
though I am sure that I am coming off to be
You are fucking brilliant
if I were gay I would want to make passionate love to you
if I were a chick I would want to mother your child
too bad I am not either.....

: ...you cliam to have "just found out" that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon did not write the script for the movie "Good Will Hunting"? That's what you said? Excuse me for a second (clearing my throat) GET A GOD DAMN CLUE! First off who the hell told you something as stupid and re-cock-u-less as this pile of horse shit story? Why don't we look and see who has this film registered with the WGA - why don't we look and see who has the Copyright on this script - why don't we ask Kevin Smith who approached him with the script for "Good Will Hunting" (Ben Affleck) - and why don't we ask Mr.Wienstien who showed him a copy of the script (Kevin - if i remember the story correctly). And further more - before Miramax even had the screenplay Castle Rock (if I'm not mistaken) had it and was going through some sort of deal with Mr. Affleck and Mr. Damon - no where was there ever any mention of any one elses name. They wrote that screenplay. And as far as putting Robin Williams name first on the poster,etc. Do you know nothing about marketing? Ofcourse Robin Williams name is going up there first! He is a big time star and at the time Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were not! Every company that comes out with a movie puts their biggest name star first on the poster! Do you think any middle age old lady from Boise is gonna want to see a movie with Matt Damon starring in it? "Who the hell is he?" she might say - but Robin Williams? "Honey, let's go see that new movie with Mork in it! He's funny!" So - i short - please GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND PLEASE...drive thru! Next!

: FLDBret - hate pompus assholes who talk about stuff they know nothing about - except for when he does it himself!

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