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Posted by i_want_joey_adams at on January 29, 2001 at 01:19:57:

In Reply to: answer about improv in JASBSB posted by SL@SH on January 27, 2001 at 23:41:21:

Ugh. They already used that damn teacher/student crap in Dawson's Creek. Man, be original.


: You know, I was also wondering this, and had the good sense to spy on Kevin’s “secret set” to discover more on the subject. It seems that Kevin is indeed letting the actor’s improvise, especially Van Der Beek who has consequently created a new subplot where Jay falls victim to a teacher’s seductive sexual prowess and must therefore chose between his love for this instructor or the “oh-so-shaggable” Silent-Bob (who is this actor by the way?? I just love him! I could die, seriously, y’all). Things are indeed going “wild.” In fact, I overheard Smith tell a fourth assistant camera producing makeup man that he had “thrown away the script, I mean, who needs it, right?” The monkey, however, has created the craziest thing. Its improv skills have impressed even me, a cold-hearted nobody. Truth be told, the scene where the monkey professed its undying love for Jason Lee, I mean Banky/Brodie, the hybrid mutant from planet Jersython, (note: if you haven't read the script, don't bother making sense of this, wait to be surpise),out of the blue, mind you, completely unscripted, was enough to bring some kind of wet salty substance forth from my eyes. This will indeed be a “new kind of Kevin Smith movie.” Did I say “movie?” I meant “cinema magnifique!” Now, if only Kevin could throw in Howie Mandel, then we’d be business, wouldn’t we?

: I use to many quotation marks, don’t I?

: This movie better make a hundred million dollars, or I will forever lose faith in the movie-going public.

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