how amazing, you proved one of my points......

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Posted by leroy_sanchez at on August 06, 2001 at 04:16:56:

In Reply to: What a Dirty Sanchez..... *NT* posted by Stormin Norman on August 06, 2001 at 03:58:15:

: : ok, i read in an interview that you had said that jay and silent bob strike back, is your way of winding up this trilogy, or quintilogy or series or whatever tha fuck you wanna call it. why is this neccessary when none of the movies even really followed a plotline near each other, and most of them actually had little to do with the others(besides a few of the same characters of course). it dont make sense.

: : second of all that afroman video, which i was surprised to see on your site,(an awesome song) is fucking streaming!!! why give us that ignorant crap, we want downloads gimpy. most of us out here on our 56k modems dont see shit on a streaming thingamabomber, what crap.

: : ok, next, a serious question, id really like this one answered too, although, im probably just another asshole which is gonna be ignored(as always) do you ever feel that your fans are a lil too possessive, take your whole "view askewniverse" thing a lil too seriously, like some people would just as soon have their heads stuck up your ass 24/7? or is that what you would prefer, people constantly kissing your ass and refering to you as a film god of some sort. if you would prefer this, then would you ever consider starting some sort of a doomsday cult? i think that many people would follow your lead, seeing as the saddening state of mind that most of the world has led itself to be in.

: : and are you ever worried about the constant state of declining mental capacity that your fans seem to have developed since the days of clerks? its like all your fans now seem to be morons. would you consider me to be along the same mental capacity of these other poor bastards?

: : last but not least, tell mewes that he's a funny ass mother fucker, and if hes ever in houston area, we should definately get drunk or smoke some doobies or some shit.

: : --Leroy mudda fukkin Sanchez

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