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Posted by Darth Dobbin at on August 07, 2001 at 14:17:32:

In Reply to: Wowza. posted by Darth Dobbin on August 07, 2001 at 13:17:30:

...part of the reason why I'm such a Smith "fan" is that I have the notion (misguided as it may be) that in an alternate universe where the Josh Dobbin from Dimension Q ALSO grew up in Red Bank, there'd be a reasonably good chance that we'd be friends.

As such, I don't so much "deify" Kevin's every move, stance, or opinion, but rather, see them as the interesting actions of a "peer," for lack of a better word. (This word flatters me much more than Kevin, though, I think.) Do I agree with every stance he takes?

No, but I disagree with a shitload of stuff that my friends are into, or say, or do, as well. I've got a great friend who is such a crazy-ass Disney-supporter and booster that, even though he is a well paid web designer, he works part time at a Disney Store, JUST TO BE PART OF THE DISNEY MACHINE. He knows my extended feelings on "the mouse," (which pre-dated the whole CLERKS thing, I can assure you. As a kid, I didn't *want* to go to Disneyland, as I never liked Mickey or the characters.)but we are still friends, and still enjoy one another's company greatly.

I think you are expecting too much of Kevin as some sort of "leader" of the masses, when all he is is a cool, talented and smart guy. His attitude toward the web-crowd has always been that of a "friend," whose ton in messages is "Hey, guys, do you believe this shit?" moreso than some sort of svehgali-like potentate issuing edicts on what to believe or how to act.

I'm sure he's as perplexed by the foaming, fanatic, scary, I'LL DIE FOR YOU, KEVIN YOU'RE A GOD! style fanboys(who, by the by, probably don't quite "get" the films) as you are. But he takes it all in stride, and can smirk at it.

A lesson is in there, somewhere, I think.

Again, be well. You're a sweetheart, really, but you are taking this board, and the people here, far too much to heart and too seriously for your own good.

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