My my, what an ignorant conformist you are...

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Posted by Pseudo at on August 07, 2001 at 14:45:18:

In Reply to: Tim Burton's a fucking hack cocksucker... posted by slackerfreak on August 07, 2001 at 14:24:31:

Unless of course, this is a joke.

: ...who needs his DGA card fucking burned. He's nothing more than a glorified spin doctor without an ounce of originality in his body. All he does is take exisiting concepts (PeeWee, Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Apes, Mars Attacks, Superman) and turns them into these pop culture piles of horseshit. On top of it all, after trashing Kevin's Supes script he goes and swipes another of his ideas for his insomnia curing monkey movie, all the while ragging on Kevin when confronted about it. My cock could care less for this asshole. I'd rather chew through my own chest and eat my own lungs before I see one of this dipshit's steaming heap of crap films.

That last line sums it all up. Planet of the Apes wasn't THAT bad. It could have been infinitely better, no doubt...but still, Burton had to work with what, undoubtedly, the studio told him to do. He had a criteria to follow, and supposedly, didn't have as much input as he's had on his other films.

And that may be correct, because...did it seem like a Burton film? To me, it didn't.

Pee Wee is great, Batman and Batman Returns were great, Mars Attack wasn't my favorite but it was a nice satire of pulp/serial comics, and Sleepy Hollow, though not his best, was entertaining. Nightmare Before Christmas is great.

He's not a fan of Kevin Smith. Whether or not he had the same opinion before Superman Lives is in question, but you can't crucify the guy for not digging Kevin's work. Like I said, I don't know if Burton ripped off Kevin or not...I'd imagine Burton's a smart guy, and he knows Kevin would be right on top of it, had he known of the aforesaid "rip off".

The only ignorant comment he made was that he doesn't read comic books. A great majority of his work is OBVIOUSLY influenced by comic books...hell, Monkey Bone was based on a comic, and Batman IS a comic. He's got the goth/noir stuff down, which is indicative of a popular genre of I don't know what he's saying.

Nevertheless, if your comments weren't made jokingly, then they're just as hollow as Burton's. Nothing there, no substance.

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